Reasons for lawyers to consider cloud storage

cloud storageWith the regular advancement in technology and most businesses switching over to cloud computing, it’s time for lawyers and the legal community to do the same. This technology is upheld to be both secure and convenient as well, and you never know, it might become indispensable in the coming days.

Day by day more lawyers are switching over to cloud services as they are becoming more aware of its benefits and services. Furthermore, there are more number of fine cloud-service providers than ever before that addresses lawyers’ top most essential requirements of confidentiality and security.

Now before discussing about which cloud service provider you can resort to, let’s first have a look on the top 3 reasons for lawyers to consider cloud storage.

  1. Increased accessibility

Nowadays, cloud storage for lawyers fits their way of work and requirements more aptly. Being able to access various documents and files from anywhere implies that the lawyers do not need to be chained to their offices anymore! With cloud storage, they can now access them from anywhere, be it from court, client’s office and home or while travelling. It also enables them to view their documents from a smartphone, tablet or any desktop anytime during the day.

  1. Ease of Sharing

When lawyers are working as a team, cloud storage proves to be more convenient for accessing documents rather than when they need to email those documents back and forth. As such, it becomes easy for clients too.

  1. Security

Contrary to what some lawyers think, cloud storage is actually safer for storing documents rather than having them in papers or stored in computer’s memory. Paper files and computers are often susceptible to disasters and could get lost. If, for instance the computer crashes, the documents stored in them are lost which could be irretrievable if you don’t maintain a backup copy. But maintaining backups of every document that you are regularly editing isn’t practical, right?

As such, cloud storage proves to be very efficient in this regard. Plus, your documents are encrypted well and only authorized users would be able to access them. So be rest assured that all of your files and documents are safe.

Now that you’ve come across the benefits and reasons for lawyers to consider cloud storage, mentioned ahead is one such cloud service provider who meets all of the above stated requirements is FileCloud.

FileCloud is a cloud service provider that offers backup and secure data storage for everyone, especially lawyers and legal professionals. Very easy to use, if you know how to drag and drop files, using FileCloud would be child’s play for you. You can use it with any browser or setup FileCloud on your PC as a drive itself, the choice is all yours! The FileCloud synchronization software keeps all of your files synchronized.

Another reason for considering them is their use of 256-bit SSL encryption and advanced security. Plus, they are redundant and always backed up.

With their price range starting from as less as 0.50c per day, you can now be well assured regarding safety of your documents. Reach them for more information on

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