John Ferraro Of Ernst And Young – A Review Of His Career

Should you do a search online via the terms, J. Ferraro E&Y you will then be able to learn more about the career of the global chief operating officer of one of the most well known names within the accounting industry. This search does of course lead you to John Ferraro and it is worth looking at his career in a bit more detail in order to show how he has managed to reach these heights in his working life.

His story actually begins with his graduation from Marquette University College of Business Administration, which is based in Milwaukee, in 1977 where he left with a Bachelor of Science degree to his name. After this, he then went on to successfully pass his CPA examination and he initially joined Ernst and Young in their Milwaukee office. He eventually worked his way up to become a partner in 1988 and this then set him up on the path of landing a number of senior roles within the company over the forthcoming years.

In order to show his range of experience it is actually worth looking at these various roles that he has held within the company as it does show that he has developed his abilities in a number of different areas. During his spell with the company he has been the vice president of sales and marketing in the US, the vice chair of their assurance and advisory business services section, the global vice chair of the same department, and finally the global managing partner of markets.

In his current position as the global COO, it does mean that he is responsible for overseeing every single aspect of their operations and the outcome of this is that he is the head of a workforce that numbers 167,000 and is based in over 40 different countries. As if this is not enough to contend with, John does still serve on their audit committee leadership network as well as being on the board of the Business Council for International Understanding and it just shows that he does like to use his experience elsewhere and allow others to benefit from his knowledge.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the fact that he has picked up several rewards over the years and this is perhaps not too surprising in the career of somebody that has managed to rise in one company. Some of these rewards include being voted the alumnus of the year at his old university in 2008 along with the Friend of the Kellogg School of Management Award awarded due to his years of dedication to the industry.

To conclude, John Ferraro of Ernst and Young has built up a wealth of experience over the last three decades and through hard work now finds himself as a senior figure within the company. He has been the recipient of various rewards both within the industry as well as from his original university in order to congratulate them on a sterling career that has seen him rise from the lower echelons of the company to one of the highest positions in existence.

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