How to register a domain name in next to no time

If you are wondering about how to register a domain name then the actual process is very easy indeed. There are a cheap web hosting that are able to help you out but, in order to make life that bit easier, these are the simple steps you should follow so you can then get the name you want.

The first thing is to think about the name you want to register and then see if this is actually available or not. As you go to search you need to think about the ending of the domain name that you require, you may see it referred to as a TLD, with .com being the most popular however there are others that are linked to your country as well as .org, .net and so on.

It is actually very easy to check as each domain name registrar will have a search box and all you need to do is type in what you want and click search and, in a matter of seconds, you will then see if this is indeed free. The search will also let you know the different options that are available with regards to the ending and it is then up to you to select the one you want.

One thing you will notice with some companies is that, should your first one not be available, it may suggest alternatives that are similar to your name. Do spend all the time you need with this part as getting the correct name is extremely important and you can then look at moving to the next part.

The next stage with how to register a domain name is to move the one you have selected into the shopping basket and start to go through the checkout process. This is where you will actually register it, which means entering your contact details as well as your payment details, however there are a couple of other points you need to perhaps think about before completing the purchase.

If you wish to protect your details then you can pay extra, although some offer it free, so your name does not appear on the whois registry. This means people will not be able to look up who owns the name and then get all of your personal details including phone numbers and email addresses so there will be a lower chance of you being spammed. The other main thing is to enter information about where it is being hosted so the name is being pointed in the right direction as this will ensure it actually works.

This means entering nameservers however if you are hosting the site at the same place as you are registering the name then you do not have to do anything as this will already be set up. If this is not the case, then contact your hosting company who will supply you with nameserver information and enter it when requested to do so.

All that is then left for you to do is complete the purchase and then allow some time for it to actually be registered by the company. This can take a few hours for the internet to actually go through the process and before your name will then go live but this is all outwith your control and by now you have already done all that is required with how to register a domain name.

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