How To Install A WordPress Site

How To Install A WordPress SiteUnderstanding how to install a wordpress site is a major step towards improving the website and blog use. Many web hosts do offer one click installation methods, however the user gets more control over the installation process if they do it on their own. This is because the user gets insight on how the process works and hence can be able to handle any trouble shoot without requiring the services of a professional.

To successfully install a wordpress site, one needs to have a web hosting account and a domain name. The process becomes even easier if the host used offers auto install services. The initial step involves acquiring a copy of the wordpress software which can be downloaded from the relevant website. The downloaded software should be stored in the computer because they are the primary components of the process.

The downloaded files are usually zipped, thus they needs to be unzipped so as to utilize their content. Majority of computers comes with in-built zip and unzip applications, however if the computer does not have the relevant applications, then the user can right click on the downloaded files and select the extract all menu option. If this does not work, then they can easily download the zip and unzip applications so as to enable them access the wordpress files.

The next step on how to install a wordpress site incorporates setting up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program which facilitates the uploading of files to the user’s web host which provides the relevant username, domain name and password for the FTP account. The FTP programs are readily available with some even being free of charge. The user should then set a MySQL Database with their web host which is relatively easy if the webhost is efficient. There is usually a link in the webhosting control panel which facilitates setting of a MySQL database. The database requires a hostname, password, host name and username which are available from the web host. The information needs to be entered in the spaces found in a folder incorporated in the downloaded and unzipped wordpress files.

The next step on how to install a wordpress site involves opening the FTP program and connecting to host’s server so that to upload the program from the computer to the host server. The program can either be put in the subdirectory or in the root directory of the host server. Then the directories and files in the unzipped wordpress folder excluding the folder itself should be uploaded. The next and final step of the process needs the user to run the program which will display straight forward and easy to use online directions which if followed results to successful installation of the program.

After the installation, there are a few requirements which the user needs to follow so as to improve efficiency such as plugging, the preferred themes and advertising of the blog especially in cases of new blogs. The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete with accurate following of the relevant instructions. These clear instructions make the process simple even for people who do not clearly understand how to install a wordpress site.
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