How to Effectively use Email Marketing

E-mails are some of the best ways to reach all types of customers. These travel instantly, can offer a lot of information and can lead to increasing your sales. If you’re looking to use email marketing more effectively, there are a few things you should consider. Just sending out e-mails is not going to help you get more business. There are several things that need to be done if you want to be effective with the way you’re marketing. By making the extra effort to jazz up your e-mails, you might find you get a lot more business than you ever did before.


Timing is everything when it comes to email marketing and your customers. You should be sending out a lot, but not so much that you are annoying all the recipients. Here are some times when e-mails are appropriate: new product alerts, sales alerts, new newsletter sign ups and purchase/shipping confirmations. All of these things will let customers know what is going on with your company and their purchases, but they won’t bother them.


Most people sign up for e-mails from companies they like because they want to find out about sales. These are the driving forces behind most sales that happen online and in sales today. So, if you are having a really good offer going on at your store, send out an e-mail! You should be enticing the customer to shop with you that day or weekend instead of any other time. For example, you could have free shipping plus 10% off a purchase or just one or the other.

If you are trying to pull more people into your retail store, you should give them a reason to go. This could be you passing out a coupon for every person who walks in the door. It could also be a raffle for winning a prize when they purchase in the store. There are a lot of different sales and promotions you can hold, but nobody will know about them unless you advertise!


Another key part of email marketing is the design that your e-mails have. These should look professional, but they should also be eye-catching and fun. This is what is going to get the attention of the readers when they first open up their e-mails. Even the headline on the subject line needs to be interesting. If the headline isn’t interesting most people are far less likely to open up the e-mail to see what you have to offer.


You don’t want to end up in the SPAM folder of anyone who WANTS to receive your e-mails. Make sure you tell your newsletter sign-ups to add your e-mail to their safe list. In addition to this, you should also make sure you’re not sending out too many e-mails. A few times per week is generally the maximum amount you should send if you want to keep your customers satisfied. More e-mails than this could mean thousands of people getting off of your e-mail list, which would result in lost revenue.

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